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Books By A Queen Review For My Super Blankey By Yael Manor

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Children Books: My Super Blankey (Bedtime Stories For Children)(Picture Books) (Twins Stories Book 9) - Yael Manor, Mosherino



  I enjoyed this short read. I think that the super blanket was definitely something that some children, who have super blankets of their own can relate too... However, I gave a two star rating, only because there were parts in this mini read that bothered me like how the young boy in this story indulged in actions that needed to be corrected by an adult, and situations that might influence a child to think that fighting with their sister is OK, for example. There was also a page where 'daddy' was yelling at the poor kid but there was no resolution. And most importantly, I think that the reading level was a bit too high for the age genre of the reader. When your writing a children's book, sometimes it's hard to channel your reader, and make your material match, and  I think that this author struggled with that a bit.


   I wish that the super blanket did a little more than just cuddle him. I wish it talked to him, etc. But I will say that it kept my interest until the end and I truly believe that the artistry and illustrations would appeal to children of all ages and was done beautifully. Will be reading at least one more book from this author to see what else she has to offer for the kiddos.


Finale Review:


 This author had a great idea, and did an amazing job with their illustration. This boo would be beneficial for the children out there who have a 'comfort' item, however I really would like a bit more resolution.



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Up Early Pencil Twerking!

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My goal for today : To write  AT LEAST 10k words in my 2nd Novel Lower Than Low By Sontia Levy!!

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Reading progress update: I've read 14%.

Makaveli's Prince: Book One - Sam Hunter

Nose Diving Into Another Book ---> Makaveli's Prince : Book One By Sam Hunter

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Makaveli's Prince: Book One - Sam Hunter

Been up since 6am this morning reading Sam Hunters Makaveli's Prince Novel! Very intriguing can't stop turning the pages

Who Needs A Review?

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I am bored readers and I'm looking for something tantalizing to read. Any suggestions? Any authors needing a review? 


**Street Lit, Erotica, Romance, Mystery etc. Accepted. 

Book Giveaways make me feel all warm inside!

As Low As It Gets - Sontia Levy, Dominique Woods

  So, I had 5 winners in my book giveaway for my latest Novel As Low As It Gets By Sontia Levy & D.Woods! I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback! #ReadersRock !


The winners are:

1.) Lilyk

2.) Emmaminazza

3.) Mazzalovesbooks

4.) Moonlight walk ~

5.) Lesaneace


Congrats Everyone! I can't wait to hear your feedback! I hope your ready for a ride! ;-)

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Books By A Queen Review on New Duck City By Carmen Quirk

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New Duck City: The Great Bread Caper - Carmen Quirk



A Quick Synopsis From The Reviewer:

(show spoiler)

When I picked this book up, I knew nothing about birds nor had I ever even paid much attention to them. I had no idea that birds intermingled at ponds, or that sea gulls had a lack of sight. But within just a few pages my interested was immediately sparked. The teenage love story between Joe (a duck) and Julienne ( a swan that everyone had mistaken for a goose) reminded me of a reminiscent Romeo and Juliet story. Although Joe was in love with Julienne, their lifestyles and those around them wouldn’t adhere. Something that we've all experienced once or twice in our lifetime. The plot was heart wrenching after Joe's love was pushed off and dismissed by one of the higher ups. So, poor Joe goes off to New Duck City with a few of his sea gull friends to go and try and make a name for himself. Unfortunately, Joe begins hanging with the wrong crowd and New Duck City turns into a faster lifestyle than he can keep up with! His motivation turns into making his 'bread and butter', stealing and doing whatever else it took to be on the good side of the town's meanest bird, Jimmy, including compromising himself.


Joe stays on Jimmy's good side, but make's a rookie mistake and Jimmy ends of attacking Joe, just as his friends had warned him. Joe ends up almost dead, but pulls through with the help of a friend (Archie). In the end, Jimmy get's what's owed to him after his own minions turn on him, leaving him stuck on a boat to Hong Kong. In a sense, even though Joe and Julienne never would be able to nest together, they basically lived happily ever after, which is great. I truly enjoyed the vivid detail in this story. The authors ability to paint the scene easily allowed me to capture the bird's surroundings, their survival tactics and everyday interactions. As I had mentioned before, I never knew anything about birds and had never took interest in them b however, The author did a great job at educating the reader about the species, and assigning envision-able characters.



Finale Review:


The author does a great job at illustrating things from a birds eye view and putting me in the shoes of a duck, a sea gull, a pigeon, a swan and even a Canadian Goose. I felt every character and could hear their voices clairvoyant as they went through every scenario. I felt like I was there, flying in the sky, and taking in all the scenery. I have to give kudos to this author because they did NOT just throw a story together about birds and she did a magnificent job of sticking with the birds true instincts. The author has most definitely done her research and has definitely motivated me to pay more attention to the beautiful mother nature around me.


I also thought that the author was clever in the way that she tied humans into the entire story, not making it just a one sided show. I enjoyed the entire detailed roller coaster that the author guided me through, and had a very pleasant ending. One thing I will say is that there was a part of me that wanted a little more at the end, just a bit more pow, but I am one for a dramatic ending. Also, the way the book is formatted makes it a bit hard for me follow the conversations between the characters when they talked amongst each other, but the book was so good that I continued happily, having to read things over a few times was okay with me. I'll be honest with you, it couldn't have ended any better. This Author did a great job and I would read work from this author again. It was a pleasure reading.





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Source: http://www.booksbyaqueen.com/authors-blog/bbaq-book-review-for-new-duck-city-by-carmen-quirk

Books By A Queen Review On My Fat Is Not A Flaw By La-Trojah Irby-Morgan

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My FAT is NOT a Flaw - TroJah Irby-Morgan



I am the owner of my own Non Profit organization, Women Talk... Little Girls Listen and ran into the author just by chance. I offered to do an article on her, to start a book club, and break down a bit of what Trojah was saying and my members absolutely LOVED it! I just wanted to give this woman her props. If there were ten stars, I'd give them to her. This book will help any woman no matter the age who is feeling insecure about their size, or even for the woman who just wants to have some reassuring confirmation that they too are beautiful, regardless of what size they are! La-Trojah is a voice well spoken, and her story along with her strength will empower thousands of young girls out there sitting in the same shoes.

I definitely recommend this book to younger girls, especially those in late middle school, early high school! Good job Trojah! This will be a bible to me, and any of the rest of my members from now on! You did a great job!