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Books By A Queen Review For My Super Blankey By Yael Manor

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Children Books: My Super Blankey (Bedtime Stories For Children)(Picture Books) (Twins Stories Book 9) - Yael Manor, Mosherino



  I enjoyed this short read. I think that the super blanket was definitely something that some children, who have super blankets of their own can relate too... However, I gave a two star rating, only because there were parts in this mini read that bothered me like how the young boy in this story indulged in actions that needed to be corrected by an adult, and situations that might influence a child to think that fighting with their sister is OK, for example. There was also a page where 'daddy' was yelling at the poor kid but there was no resolution. And most importantly, I think that the reading level was a bit too high for the age genre of the reader. When your writing a children's book, sometimes it's hard to channel your reader, and make your material match, and  I think that this author struggled with that a bit.


   I wish that the super blanket did a little more than just cuddle him. I wish it talked to him, etc. But I will say that it kept my interest until the end and I truly believe that the artistry and illustrations would appeal to children of all ages and was done beautifully. Will be reading at least one more book from this author to see what else she has to offer for the kiddos.


Finale Review:


 This author had a great idea, and did an amazing job with their illustration. This boo would be beneficial for the children out there who have a 'comfort' item, however I really would like a bit more resolution.



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